Monday, April 25, 2016


As of April 19, 2016, the National Park Service has closed the Mojave Road between Mile 27.0 and 30.5 in the Mojave National Preserve. This closure is due to a washout on the old underground telephone cable road connecting Piute Valley with Lanfair Valley. No date has been set for completion of repairs to the road.

The National Park Service recommends a 29-mile bypass on their Web page.

The Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association, the publishers of the official Mojave Road Guide, have developed an alternate 14.2-mile detour for Mojave Road travelers who would prefer a shorter, more historic and scenic route. A PDF with a map and road log is available for download on the home page of their Web site,

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  1. Just called today 9-22-16 and it's still not fixed. They don't even seen to care about fixing it either. Nps basically told me " we get to it when we get to it, it's not priority". But they sure want that $65 in permit fees for trail maintenance. Lol


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