Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mojave Road in the 90s

We received this note and photos from Karl Vogeley and he graciously gave us permission to share with everyone. Great images of the adventures to be had on the Mojave Road. Thanks, Karl!

Attached are some photos from my first trip on the Mojave Road in the early 90s. My daughter who is in the pictures is now 30 so you can see how long ago this was! I'm guessing 1991 but somewhere around that time. The green Suzuki was our ride for the trip and did great. The crosssing at Soda Lake was very difficult but the Samurai motored right through no problem. This was the era when nothing was fenced off or made off limits. On this trip we encountered a group on quads, rifles in scabbards. The days of high adventure! This trip was done with a group of off-roaders from the Sierra club. I can't imagine such a group existing today in this polarized society.

I've made the trip 3 times since then, once more in the Suzuki, once in a 98 Wrangler, and most recently in an 08 Wrangler unlimited Rubicon with air conditioning and satellite radio. In some regards progress can be nice! I included a picture of my Jeep from the latest trip to demonstrate that as I have gotten older my desire for comfort has grown!

Happy holidays,

Karl Vogeley

Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow in the East Mojave

We were in the East Mojave over the weekend and made a quick detour through the Mojave National Preserve. There was still snow on the ground left from the storms the week before. This is a quick "out the window" shot taken Saturday from Cedar Canyon Road, just east of Black Canyon Road. It was a beautiful day, temps in the high 50s and no wind.