Sunday, December 6, 2015

Acceptable Behavior?!?

UPDATE: We are pleased to report that the individual discussed in this post stepped forward and apologized. We greatly appreciate his honesty and willingness to share what happened (you can see his comments below). Thank you!

We wish we didn't have to write this post. The following photos were shared by a fellow Mojave Road enthusiast who was disturbed and saddened to find someone so blatantly disrespecting and destroying something we all treasure. None of us knows who this person is, but we hope that sharing this example of thoughtless, negligent behavior will remind everyone that the Mojave Road belongs to all of us and it will only exist as long as every one of us takes care of it.

If you can't respect rules and regulations, at least find it within yourself to respect your fellow off-roaders: don't ruin the experience for everyone else. Not to mention the volunteers who put countless hours into creating and maintaining the Mojave Road for your use.

Thanks for listening, everyone. And thank you to the concerned citizen who brought this to our attention.