Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Soda Dry Lake Still Passable

Since this is prime time for trips on the Mojave Road, we'd thought we'd report that although it rained recently, we are hearing that Soda Dry Lake is not yet impassable (as of the first weekend of November). But conditions may change with more rain in the forecast, so caution is advised if you're heading out there. Safe journeys!


  1. Any update on Soda Lake, planning to travel the road next week?

  2. We have not heard anything lately about Soda Dry Lake, but there was snow in the higher elevations (New York Mountains, etc.) this past weekend, so it's likely there was rain too. The Mojave National Preserve Web site suggests calling the visitor center at Kelso Depot for road conditions, so you might try that. The number is 760-252-6108. They'd at least be able to tell you whether they've had rain and when. Have a great trip!


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